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12 and 3?: YES--Giants vs. Panthers

Bradshaw makes the first catch of the game, recieving the kickoff at around the five and carrying it to the 25 yard line. Manning finds Hixon for just short of the first down. 264 pounds of Brandon Jacobs grounds and pounds for a first down.

The Giants continue to use Jacobs on this drvie, working towards 3 and 6. Manning bounces around in the backfield, buying time for Hixon to run down to the 18 yard line for a big first down. After a series of not-so-amazing plays, Giants are forced to kick a field goal--a 32 yard attempt made by Carney for a 3-0 lead for the G-MEN.

DeOssi makes a clutch tackle at the 23 to start the Panthers off for their first drive of the game. After two faulty plays, Steve Smith brings the Carolina ball to the 43 for a Panthers first down. Again, Delhomme finds Smith way downfield, for a huge first down. A 13 yard touchdown run brings Williams to the endzone, untouched.

Bradshaw gets downed at the 25 yard line for the Giants second drive of the game.
Manning finds Smith for a first down. Jacobs carries the ball through four guys for a powerful run, and another first down. Carolina take a timeout with 4:15 left in the 1st quarter.

Another first down throw to Smith brings G-Men to the 38 and Jacobs runs for a gain of 2 more yards for 2nd & 8. On 3rd & 3, Ward makes a strong run up the right side of the firld for a first down, and he gets the ball twice more to the end of the first. Eli Manning finds Smith again to bring this long drive to 1st & GOAL. Jacobs runs for two, the power's himself into the endzone after a 13-play-drive into the endzone, making the score of this game 10-3 Gaints.

Panthers gain nothing on the first play of their second drive, and find room after 3rd & 7 for a fifteen yard gain--first down. Delhomme then finds a wobbly King for another first, and a run by Stewart brings Carolina to the 31. Soon, the Panthers take it to the endzone again, for their second lead of the game, Carolina-14, Giants-10.

Ward swings to the outside on second down, 3rd & 1. On 4th down, Feagles punts to Jones on the 35-yard-line.

A long throw slips through Ross's hands for a reception and a short run, making it 5-and-goal for the Panthers. Shortly thereafter, a sketchy touchdown leads to a Coaches Challenge by Coughlin. On 3rd & GOAL, Williams runs in to make the Carolina lead 21 to 10.

Bradshaw slips through a few for a strong spot on the field to start the drive. Bossman--Kevin Boss--makes the catch for a first down around at the 45-yard-line. Feagles is brought to the field again, punting to the 20.

At the two minute warning Carolina finds themselves with a strong lead, 21-10. Giants get the ball back and Ward makes a strong run for a Giants first down. Manning and the Giants offense cannot force the ball into the endzone, made obvious by a near-interception towards the endzone. Giants are forced to kick a 35 yarder, making the score 21-13, Carolina.

In the 3rd quarter, with 11:15 on the clock, Giants kicker--Feagles is forced to punt yet again to give the ball back to the Panthers. Giants finally make a clean stop at center field, a blocked pass attempt will force the Panthers to punt to the 16-yard-line. 9:35 on the clock--21-13, Carolina.

At 3rd & 10, Boss makes an great catch and leap for a big first down. Two more first downs takes the Giants to just about the 20-yard-line. Again, a first down by Hedgecock brings them to the 8--FIRST AND GOAL. Manning throws to Kevin Boss for a BIG TD!!! Giants decide to kick to make the score 21-20, Carolina. Game winner or game loser?

Giants defense is clearly tightening their line and getting better penetration than earlier in the game. At 3rd & 9 Delhomme guns it over the middle to Jarrett for a long first down. Williams takes it to the endzone, bouncing to the right for a lead for a TD and an extra point. Carolina leads by 8.

After a succession of plays, Feagles is forced to punt. Thanks to a great swat by a member of the special teams, Carolina starts out on the 1-yard-line. The defense shows great posture after keeping them within the 5, Giants force the Panthers to punt and the G-MEN have it again around the 50-yard-line. With 7:09 left on the clock and 29 degrees on the thermometer, the Giants start their most important drive on the 45. After a loss of 5 due to a penalty, Manning passes to Hixon for a gain of 12. Boss runs for a loss and Giants are 3rd & 3.

Toomer makes a reception and a runs along the sideline for a few extra yards and a first down. BOSSMAN again, brings the Giants to the 5-yard-line for 1st & GOAL. Jacobs pounds in yet again, for a BIG TD. Now Coughlin must go for the 2-point-conversion for the tying score. HUGE PLAY. Manning passes to Hixon in the endzone for the extra two. 28-28.

With 3:15 on the clock, Panthers will start at the 38-yard-line. Stewart picks up a first down on a run to the 49. At the 2 minute warning, Carolina has the ball at the 48. With the ball now at the 40, after a play and then a penalty against the Panthers, the Giants MUST make a stop for any chance of a victory. At 4th down, Panthers will wait to kick until less than 10 seconds are left in the game. This will be a 54-yard attempt. KICK IS NO GOOD! Just left of the goal post. We are going into OVERTIME.

After Giants win the toss and make their drive, they're forced to punt. After Carolina's succession of plays, Giants get the ball back. Ward runs for about 60 yards, then another 15 to bring the G-MEN to the 1-yard-line. Jacobs pounds it in, finally, for the winning TD. Giants win 34-28.

By Brandon Marshall

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