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Dear NY Giants: Stop giving me panic attacks

By Jamie Frevele

What a humdinger of a game. And by the fourth quarter, the Giants finally realized it might be nice to have NY fans in the seats instead of traveling throughout January and hearing their opponents' fans jeer them. I'm proud of you guys, but seriously - stop scaring us like that!

I never know how games will turn out when I tune in. Sometimes I don't even think I will last the full 60 minutes of game time without alcoholic assistance, and if not for the antibiotic to treat the itis everyone in the tri-state area has (including poor Justin Tuck), I would have been chugging away. But wow - we started off much better than we have with our running game back, courtesy of Brandon Jacobs. Earth, Wind and Fire were back. I think Eli was, for the most part, playing pretty smart this time.

Then we just got lazy. The senioritis I talked about last week was back, and it was as if they thought there were no stakes in this game. I guess that's understandable since they clinched the playoffs, clinched a bye week, and all the defending Super Bowl champs were playing for now was home field advantage and, oh, I don't know, TOP SEED. All Tom Coughlin had to say during half time was "Hey guys, um, we're the GIANTS. You know, we won the Super Bowl last year? We just lost two in a row. I'm not having that at all. Let's bring it."

But then there was the fourth quarter comeback. Back in February, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann was in the vast minority of those predicting a Super Bowl win for the Giants based on Eli Manning's fourth quarter comebacks. All of a sudden, we were coming back from being 11 points behind to seeing the Panthers' TD and raising them a ballsy two-point conversion to tie the game up.

Then there was OT. Newsday quoted Antonio Pierce as saying "I ain't thinking overtime" when he said the Giants had to play for "61 minutes." "I'm thinking just play a little longer and a little bit harder. A little extra." Well, if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done, huh? Or even after the last minute! In OT, the Giants ultimately decided that they wanted it more, so they took it. They fought for it and earned it. Congratulations, guys!

So, since you're home, maybe you can make my birthday dreams come true by letting me come to Giants Stadium and play football with you! Please? Eli can throw passes at me and show me how to pass to Domenik Hixon and Amani Toomer, then Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward can all carry me across the end zone! Come on, I'll be turning 29 - I'll need a lot of moral support!

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