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Flex This

By Michael Strom

     Unless you've been living under a rock these days, which wouldn't be a bad idea considering the economy, you know that the Giants and Panthers are playing Sunday night on NBC. This is of course because of NBC's flex scheduling concept. It's a great idea, instead of the national primetime game being a real stinker, replace it with an attractive match-up. And NBC couldn't ask for more than the Panthers at the Giants for the NFC #1 seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. So everybody wins, right? NBC wins. The NFL wins. The viewers win. But I have news for you. Forget what NBC's reality show just told you, the Biggest Loser by far is the loyal Giant fan.
     Full disclosure: I'm a New York Giants season ticket holder...and I'm going to the game. The forecast calls for a wintry mix, not totally sure what that is but it sounds cold, and temperatures near freezing. A game that should have gotten me back just in time not to watch NBC's SNF pre-game show, instead will get me home just in time not to watch Francesa's show. The flex concept sounds great in theory, and in all honesty, it is great for a whole lot of people. Just not Giants fans.
    Before you think this is just whining, think of kids who have to go to school the next day. Think of employees who have to be up at 5 in the morning for work. Think of the majority of Giants fans who will still be nursing a hangover when they wake up the next morning. Actually, most will probably still be drunk. The point is, the flex game is a great idea, just not for Giants fans.
   My suggestion is this: Make some rules. Don't make a team play 2 straight night games. If you're going to flex, give at least 2 weeks notice instead of a week. Put a limit on how many times a team can be "flexed", just to protect the fans. And lastly, cut prices on everything in the stadium by a dollar...seriously. Everyone is making more money off of this game while Giants fans end up left out in the cold, literally. Take a buck off my beer, or beers, and we'll call it even. Consider it a thank you to the fans. But none of this will happen this week or probably ever, so there's just one thing left to do. See you at the game.

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