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Giants vs. Cowboys

America's team--the Cowboys--seem over-eager, sloppy, and disgruntled at the beginning of tonight's game. Both teams' first drives were at a stand still, gaining almost no yards on either side. Every post-play includes a shove or a dirty little piece-of-dirt move on the Cowboy's part. It's almost like watching a highschool game(in between plays).

After a flag on the recieving team during the Cowboys second punt of the game, a re-kick was performed and the Giants start their second drive at the 10.

Steve Smith makes the first reception of the game for the NY Giants. Ward's skills' remain intact, as he runs the first first-down of the game. However pumped they are, Giants are forced to punt after a stoppage on third down.

It seems the Giants and the Cowboys are at this point equally matched, although the attitude seen from the players seems to reveal that the Giants are the more prepared team.

Cowboys get the ball back around their own 5 and begin their drive with a caugth pass to Witten and then a first down at the 19-yard-line with another catch by Barber. Nearly sacked, Romo throws to an out-of-position, Choice, for a third down. Another first down is found after a throw to Crayton at the 35.

A pass to Owens over the middle gains another 25 yards for yet another first down. Barber gets a pass again and then runs out of bounds with tail tucked tightly betweet his legs, obviously afraid of taking a hit. Finally, Romo takes a sack by Giants lineman number 99-Wynn.

Now questionable for return, Romo reportedly has a lower back contusion after the previous plays to rumble him a bit.

After a succession of plays, Crayton's reception in the endzone will give the Dallas Cowboys the seven point lead.

Toomer gains a first down at 10:49 in the second quarter. Who's the BOSS??!! BOSSMAN--Kevin Boss treads on for another first down. After a series of plays, Giants are forced to kick a field goal, which puts them on the board--7-3, Cowboys.

Dallas gets the ball at around the 10. After a recpetion and gain of around 15, the reciever kicks McQuarters? What is that? It's annoying how unbelievably childish the Cowboy's offense can be.

Hixon snags the tough reception at the beginning of the second half for a a near first down. Manning gets picked off for his first interception of the game, third of the season.

Manning gets sacked for the sixth time this game. Romo's injured but throwing better than Manning has been all game.

At this point, the game's going downhill at high speed and nothing's stopping it. The O-line has some serious issues to work out before the game this Sunday vs. Carolina. Coughlin needs to show us all, as he's done in the past, that he will take into account, every error, and put forth every effort to correct them all to succeed in the next game.

Game ended with Cowboys-20, Giants-8?. A dissapointment for all NY fans.

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