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Well, at least we weren't desperate.

By Jamie Frevele

So, the Giants lost last night. And it was to the Cowboys. A bitter concession, yes, but it's not as if we've had a lackluster year - you know, like the Cowboys have.

I've been looking at it this way - RB Brandon Jacobs sat out because we are already thinking about the playoffs in January. Last night, the Giants had a major case of senioritis. When I was accepted to Hofstra University early decision (a long time ago), I followed it up with what must have been the most unproductive semester in my high school career. I had pretty much clocked out by November or December. That's how I think the Giants played last night, as much as I know they really wanted to win, especially against the Cowboys. But you know what? Two losses in a row will really get them going. It has to. The loss against the Browns woke the cocky sleeping beast early on and that ended right away when they brought it back to the 49ers the following week. The cockiness is gone, they've been playing great football this season, and they've received their golden ticket. (If you consider the ticket to the Super Bowl platinum, that is.)

It reminds me of a confrontation I had last Friday with my company's human resources "czar" - you know the type: plastic smile, passive-aggressive, nearly simulated voice spouting the company talking points, trying to convince you that an extra three minutes to punch the clock in the morning is like some sort of bonus, like the football phone they used to sell with Sports Illustrated subscriptions. (For me?? Three extra minutes? That's a minute per parkway or a minute per 10 miles that I have to take to work in the morning! You shouldn't have!) Anyway, the "conversation" we had (concerning my sinful tardiness) ranged from defensive, arrogant, pathetic to resigned. Not unlike many parts of last night's game and some of its players. I was given a written warning by this woman who is everyone's nemesis. Fine. I'll take it.

She may have won the battle, but the war is far from over.

I'm pretty sure we'll be back next week against the Carolina Panthers, even if we all have to lose a little sleep over it, even if it's because of someone we really can't stand.

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