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Offseason Priorities

As I sat in section 335, freezing my ass off a couple sundays ago, the Giants hopes of repeating as Super Bowl Champs faded right in front of me.  There are not many thing that I hate in life, but the Philadelphia Eagles fall into that hate category.  I have never been more disgusted leaving Giants stadium, and I mean never!  The Giants 17 point blunder against the Vikings late in the 4th quarter of a 1997 Wildcard game didn't even matchup.  Reason being, in this era of the New York Giants, I actually have high expectations.  Throughout this offseason, the Giants must address their receiver needs as soon as possible.  Having a number once receiver is crucial for Eli's success and maturity and rise to a top 5 quarterback in the NFL.  The Giants players have voiced that they want Plaxico back next season.  Whether or not this is a feasible option is a major question.  If this cannot happen, than I suggest the Giants try and heavily pursue Anquan Boldin.  Either this, or hope that Percy Harvin falls to them in the draft.  Trading up is an option, but as the Giants have shown in recent drafts, if they have their heart set on a player, they will pursue him.  Linebacker James Laurinaitis from Ohio State would be a good fit in a veteran filled Giants group.  Linebacker and receiver are the two greatest needs on the team.   I was disappointed when I heard that Brandon Spikes was staying at Florida for another season.  The Giants desperately need an athletic linebacker to fill the void of an aging Antonio Pierce and no consistent talent on either side.  If signing Terrell Suggs is an option, I would hope that the Giants open the checkbook.  He is a game changer, and would be a great compliment to the front seven of the Gmen.  Hopefully Jerry Reese continues his success as an offseason genius, and a draft wizard, and the 2009 New York Giants will be playing into next February.  Cardinals 27-17

by Michael Rolland

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