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Ward he be the answer? NO

Ward he be the answer? NO

As the free agency period begins February 27th and the recent franchise tagging of Brandon Jacobs, many Giants fans are wondering if there is a chance Derrick Ward will remain a Giant. While there seems to be a small cry from fans that the Giants should do everything in their power to attempt to sign Ward, the real question is should they? Ward has been a great second punch to Jacobs (collecting over 1,000 yards this season) and has allowed for stability at the running backs position. However when taking a closer look at Ward, he is not worth the money. He will be turning 29 this summer and this is usually the point in which running backs begin their decline. Ward does not have the wear and tear as many other back since he has never been a full time starter, yet one can not assume that his body won’t begin a decline over the next few years. Secondly, the Giants’ offensive line was amazing this and will this year with the potential of three pro bowlers in Snee, O’Hara, and Deihl . Remember all those no names from Denver who ran who made big bucks in free agency not for their talent but because of their offensive line? Does Mike Anderson or Tatum Bell ring a bell? Instead of working on a deal for Ward, the Giants should be working on a long term deal for Ahmad Bradshaw. He would come at a much cheaper price and allow the Giants to address other needs such as linebackers and an elite wide receiver. Compare the averages of Ward vs. Bradshaw:



2008 67 355 5.3 77 1 5 42 8.4 18 1



2008 182 1025 5.6 51 2 41 384 9.4 48 0

When comparing, there is really no difference in production. Many may say Bradshaw made all his yards in “mop up” duty. While that may be true, I don’t remember the 2008 playoffs as “mop-up” duty. Some may say he has character issues however has there been a problem with Bradshaw since his youth days? If I were the Giants GM, I would immediately sign Bradshaw to a long term deal, I would also give Danny Ware a chance to prove his worth. Goodbye, Earth Wind, and Fire and hello, Legion of Doom.

By Tanner Russell

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