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The Black Zone

By Dan Gabel

Coach Tom Coughlin is different from other head coaches in the sense that he likes to call the red zone the “green zone.” Well, considering what’s been happening over the last couple weeks and the 51% TD rate from last year in the red zone, I think it’s time to change the name to the “black zone.”

The G-Men are missing Plax. I don’t care if they’re 2-0; it’s obvious in their play. Sure, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith had huge games last week, but the Giants still look like a different team without Burress in there. There’s no undisputed No. 1 guy and that’s a big reason why they can’t score inside the 20.

Every team needs a go-to guy, and until the Giants have that you will not hear any Superbowl chatter from me. The big body that Plaxico brought each week is something truly missed. Rookie Ramses Barden, who’s 6’6, turned some heads in training camp, but he’s obviously not on the same page as Eli yet or else he’d be in the game.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride needs to start drawing up some plays for Kevin Boss, who so far has a mere 4 receptions for 75 yards. The Big Bossman has hands made of natural adhesives; get him the ball! Use some play action down there: Everyone knows Eli’s giving it to Jacobs, so why not play action to Boss? I don’t get it. Then again, I’m not a coach…just a Giants fan who wants the best out of my team.

I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining considering the Giants are undefeated. At the same time, don’t adjustments need to be made? You can’t play the same way every week, because this is the NFL, where teams are constantly adjusting. Unfortunately when it comes to the black zone offense, Kevin Gilbride is adjusting something else.


  1. Although I may respect your opinion, I 100% disagree with it. The Giants problem in the Red Zone is not being able to run the ball. Now granted, part of this is due to the fact that the Giants don't have a deep threat so they know the run is coming but if Jacobs could run (or for that matter if Hedgecock could run) that would allieviate the wide receiver situation. The Giants need a Mike Alstott goalline running back to succeed, thats what Derrick Ward was able to do for them. Everyone says Jacobs is a bruising back, which he is but hes carrying the Giants for 80 yards, the need someone to clean it up...

  2. The problem right now is the "power running game." Aside from a 31 yard run against Dallas and a 15 yard run against , Jacobs right now has 30 carries for 58 yards - less than 2/carry. And remember, this same Dallas defense was shredded a week before by the Tampa Bay running game. That kind of production by Jacobs is not going to get the job done for the season. This offensive line had an amazing year last season and has played together with Manning for upwards of 30 straight games. Essentially, it's on them to get off the ball up front and for Jacobs to run a little more disciplined through his holes, and then over people. A power runner will improve his average per rush by staying more discipline. Ward was great for the Giants because he was an incredibly disciplined runner last season who waited for his lane to clear and hit it.

  3. Well Ben, I'm glad you respect my opinion. I agree in the sense that they need to improve the running game, however I don't agree with your "if Jacobs could run" notion. Last year, Jacobs scored 15 touchdowns; 14 of those were in the black zone, with 12 of them coming from inside the 5 yard line. The man's a beast. If the o-line does their job better, as the second comment stated, perhaps Jacobs can do a better job of hitting the holes. Also with the second comment, great point about Jacobs needing to be more patient, and considering how long him and the o-line have been playing together, they don't have much of an excuse. In terms of the Ward theory, Derrick Ward scored 2 td's last year, and although he's a great athlete, I don't see him being that much better than Bradshaw, especially in the black zone.

    Throw it to my boy Boss! Dude had six touchdowns last year, all of them inside the 20. Granted most tight ends get their touchdowns this way, but still...show some love for 89.