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The Perfect Game

by Kahlil Thomas

Now on the surface, Giant fans around the world were not expecting what we saw yesterday afternoon. What we saw was the New Orleans Saints treat the New York Football Giants as if they were the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. 48-27 was the final score but it felt like 72-0.

The defense was not the best defense in the NFL as they gave up 493 yards in a game that from the beginning, looked as if the Giants were over matched. No pressure from the front four but more than that, no pressure at all. No blitzes and if they did blitz, if few and far in between. Drew Brees did have a couple of bad throws....when they pressured him. Why that didn't last the entire game hamstrings the mind. The safeties were not doing their jobs and the secondary was just ran all over by Marques Colston the whole game. And that questionable Saints rushing attack...133 yards which looked easy for them.

On offense, there were flashes but missed blocking assignments, missed throws and other things led to the downfall. And where was Ahmad Bradshaw for the entire 1st Quarter? I guess the G-Men wanted to show Jacobs that they had faith in him by giving him the 1st but we did not go 5-0 by doing that. Mix and match Jacobs and Bradshaw throughout the game is how we got off to that great start. I did like how Eli Manning got in Bradshaw's face after he missed the blocking assignment on the interception. That showed me that Eli is getting more vocal and that will only help him.

Overall, bad game and a game Giant fans should forget. The defending NFC champion comes to the swamp of Rt. 3 and the NJ Turnpike for a Sunday Night game and the Giants will be irritated and probably chomping at the bit. The defense especially will want to erase this game from their memories and it will be an all out attack on Kurt Warner. So we are 5-1, nothing to worry about and this could be used to get the house in order.

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