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Disappointing!? You Bet it's Disappointing!

Well I imagine it really is the loneliest of holidays for the 2009 Giants. The kind that leave you wondering what went wrong, and why couldn't we have more (wins!) everyone else does?! I can't help but see the Fox NFL coverage of Mr. Tuck, Super Bowl hero but regular season average man, shaking his head repeatedly, as the Giant defense got beat, missed a tackle, or just left a gaping hole - over and over again. It makes a baby booming fan of this ramshackle collection of talent and over achieving "once and medium rare" defensive players, want for the days, when no one ran for more than 3 yards on our front four, and the db's consistently tackled every receiver ( just after making a first down).

I really have been unable to stomach our newspaper clip reading, over rated defensive ends and "play making" linebackers. While I am not sure which players need to be replaced, and I am sure that next year will be better; I believe that Tom Coughlin new all along that this team lacked the intensity that you need to win in this league. Tom rebuffed interviewers when guys like Canty and Boley couldn't stay on the practice field during the summer. Tom would say "I
t's all on paper." And, although we thought Pierce was pretty good, - he apparently wasn't good enough and he certainly wasn't dominating - especially when not in the line-up. Our db's were never on the field in the same configuration as the Super Bowl run - and it showed!

On offense we got soft upfront following our 5-0 start, and when the going got tough, well, our rookie recievers began dropping a passes here and there while the running game was getting stuffed, and it all began to unravel.

The only other thing that is hard to stomach is the irony of The Eagles and Cowboys, suddenly playing better and looking like, in spite of their up and down seasons, that one of them may very well be the 07 Giants incarnate.

I am convinced that were the schedule 24 games long that the Giants would finally have a chance to play to their best capability once again, while other teams returned to the trough of their "bell curve" charted seasons. And who knows who would be on top at the end?

In closing I'll say that I now do believe that it is just too hard to play with the coaches expected intensity week in and week out, when your motivating force is not the fear of losing, or being benched, but - rather, ending up on the wrong end of the highlight reels on Sports Center. $$$$

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