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Giants Defense Has No Answers

By: Evan

For the second time this season the Giants surrendered 40+ points to the Eagles. The Giants made it close putting up 38 of their own points, but ultimately their defensive deficiencies were too much and they lost to the Eagles by a score of 45-38.

Offensively the Giants performed much better than they have against the Eagles since the loss of Burress. The receivers had a great game, making two big catches and runs leading to touchdowns. Even the running game performed well, only having a few negative plays and averaging over four yards per carry. The problem was they had some really silly turnovers that cost them potential scores and momentum. A big one came only moments after the Giants got their first turnover of the game, as Eli did not slide properly and lost the football. While another came on the Giants opening drive and was returned for six, putting the Giants into a 14-0 hole. In a game as tightly contested as this was, these turnovers were inexcusable.

Defensively the Giants had lots of problems. It appears obvious that Justin Tuck is not playing at the level we are used to, something that is probably attributed to his shoulder injury. With his drop in play, alongside Robbins problems, the defensive line has not been able to get the pressure we expect. Even worse, the blitzes Sheridan dials up, never seem to create any impact. This becomes a big problem against a team like the Eagles, as they love the deep ball and the lack of pressure gives Mcnabb and the receivers plenty of time to get deep and open on NY's suspect safeties. Luckily the Giants run defense has greatly improved since the start of the season, so the defense is not completely dormant.

Right now this team just does not seem very well coached. The players continually say it is not the fault of the coaches, but the player's fault for not executing. Well these same players executed just fine last season, so at some point I believe the responsibility falls on the coaches to get these guys into the right positions. There have been far too many big plays against the Giants where there is no defender in sight. This is either due to poor coverage, or perhaps the defenders do not have a good grasp of Sheridan's system. If this is true, Sheridan must find a way to get across his scheme to his players, and if he can't it might be time to adapt. There is still a good chance they make it into the playoffs as they do not have a particularly challenging schedule, but they are going to have to improve if they want to make any noise once they get in.

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