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Giants Will Play First Home Game in 2010

By Kevin Casey

With both the Jets and the Giants moving into the yet-to-be-named New Meadowlands Stadium, it had to be decided which team would play the first regular season game in the new digs. The NFL devised a plan that it would be decided by a coin-toss; a coin-toss that the Giants won. When the news reached the other New York team, their owner, Woody Johnson, flipped his lid. He was angered that the Jets did not have a representative at the coin-toss, but then again, neither did the Giants. In order to please the whining Jets Administration, not much different from their fans, the NFL awarded the Jets the first primetime game in the new stadium; Monday night on Kickoff Weekend. Good for them. The bottom line is that the Giants will open the new stadium with the first regular season game. Does anyone ever watch Monday Night Football anymore? The REAL primetime game each week is Sunday Night Football. ESPN has managed to ruin everything they touch, and in my opinion, they have done it yet again. It is more of a punishment to be on MNF than it is not. Good job Jets! Assuming the little brother role once again!

So with the Jets fans and owner's whining garnering headlines the past couple days, I want to delve into it as well. This time, it will be from the perspective of a Giants fan, not a whining Jets fan. I guess because the Jets made the AFC championship and have thrown money at an over-the-hill running back, they deserve the same recognition that the Giants do. WRONG! If the Jets can sustain this success and become a force in the NFL, then we can talk. I will not take away from the success that the Jets had last season. But the fact still remains that they backed into the playoffs. They played a Colts team in week 16 that allowed them to win. They played a Bengals team in week 17 that was conservative with their play calling knowing they were facing the same team the following week. When the Jets backed in, they got the best draw they could. The Bengals were not good, and on a slump. The Jets matched up beautifully against the Chargers. Then, the Colts got their payback and put a beating on the Jets in the AFC Championship. The Jets had a good year, but once again, no championships. Not even a division title! The Giants, on the other hand, are merely 3 years removed from the most memorable championship run ever. They brought home the hardware that season, defeating the undefeated Patriots, the same team from the AFC East that beat the Jets twice that year. The following year the Giants did not win the Super Bowl again, but they did run away with the NFC East title, a division championship, something the Jets have not done in eight years. The only reason the Giants weren't in the mix in 2009 was due to the long list of injuries key players sustained; a string of injuries that can only rival the Mets 2009 season. The most important stat, however, is the Giants three Super Bowl Championships (2007, 1991, 1986), compared to the Jets one (32 years ago). The Giants are a class organization, the Jets are not. The Giants fans are respectful, students of the game, whereas the Jets fans are obnoxious, drunken fools. The Giants have one of the most respected coaches in the game in Tom Coughlin, whereas the Jets have a brash loud mouth, who garners more negative press through his immature actions than the team does for their success. This offseason, the Jets traded for Antonio Cromartie, who has more kids and baby mamas than the Jets have playoff appearances this decade. The Jets then went on to sign LT. LT was a great running back who deserves to be in Canton, but he is well beyond his years. You mean to tell me that they could not find a solid back up in the 3rd or 4th round this year? This signing is clearly a response to being unable to sell their PSL's. The Jets are the second team in New York, and one season of success does not change that.

So now, Jets and Giants fans alike, ask yourself, which team deserves to open the season in the New Giants Stadium? The Giants. Enough Said.

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