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Where is the speculation on the NY Giants. Do we have a contender or not?? Where is the excitement, the anticipation!!! Something's not right. Could it be that this oldest of franchises is just a dinosaur in this tweet it, face... it world we are in now? In the media capitol of the world, only 2 seasons removed from a Super -Super Bowl, is there no query at all in the fan base as to how we stack up this year? I mean even comments on how the McNabb led Redskins will change the dynamics in the NFC East would be appropriate. Are the beat writers spread to thin, due to the fall off in advertising revenues (a realistic issue, I fear)?

Dominic Hixon, going down on a routine punt fielding in non contact drills! - Yikes, this leaves us with only a veteran control receiver in Steve Smith, and no real deep and only second year guys as deep threats.

We let Peirce go in the middle on "D" with no outstanding athletes (apparently) ready to take up the leadership, up the gut. OK we got some veteran safety help. But as we all know, your secondary is only as good as your front 7.

It is an eerie silence "I hear" out there.

Traditionally the first week in July is when the banter should start! No one wants to keep reading about a new stadium. The fact is Jerry Jones set the bar so high, anything else will just seem to fall short. And, in the end people will be happy to see it come game time. Someone should be badgering coaches for comments, superlatives on how we are going to come out ..."tougher, harder hitting, more aggressive - on defense, just wait and see!" Even if it's not true, get the ball rolling



  1. First I agree with you the whole Dallas Cowboys stadium is a pretty tough act to follow unless you are doing like I don't know a replica of the original Colosseum. I feel like the NFL has had its thunder stolen and part of it is Lebron, the other part is sadly the World Cup, and I think they have done it to themselves by not having a single positive story to promote all off-season it seems. When you think about it besides the draft what has been a positive story people want to talk about or gets anyone excited, we don't even have the Favre nonsense. Personally though I can't wait to get things rolling for the Giants as I think the NFC is actually pretty open this year. I know people think it will be the Saints again but they were in my opinion a pretty average Super Bowl team and how often does anybody repeat.

  2. Considering the Giants' history, I'm kind of happy with the lack of hype running around this year.

    Plus the tears will be oh so sweet when we win the Lombardi Trophy in Jerry's palace this year :D